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Fiber optics, ethernet, category 3 & category 5 wiring

Abbott Fire & Security offers professional tele-data services including the installation and servicing of fiber optics, ethernet cabling and category 3 (cat3) and category 5 (cat 5) wiring. Abbott also offers design, installation and maintenance services for Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs).

What are Tele-Data products/services used for?
In simple terms, tele-data is the engineering and installation of structured communication systems. These communiction systems can be used for transmitting voice, video and data.

Why Abbott Fire & Security?
With a full-time Professional Electrical Engineer on-staff Abbott Fire & Security offers complete tele-data engineering services. From the initial planning stage to the installation and certification of your tele-data network Abbott Fire & Security is the one to call!

Other tele-data services
Abbott Fire & Security offers cable certification service to ensure that your data communications network is properly installed and running at peak capacity. And with available service agreements your system is backed by Abbott's trained technicians 24/7.


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