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Smart Home Technology & Home Automation

Technology stands still for no one, especially for today's homes wired with yesterday's technology. If you intend to take advantage of the exciting, "high-tech" world of tomorrow, then you will have to wire your home accordingly.

Installing the right cabling in your home will enable you to streamline communications, entertainment, security, lighting and climate control. This kind of all-inclusive integration also makes it possible to automate your home, providing your family with a more comfortable, safe, and convenient place to live.

Best of all, an automated home will save you money!

Let Abbott Fire & Security install these "smart features" in your home.
·Climate control using any computer inside or outside the home.
·Automated on/off control of appliances so the home actually "runs" itself.
·Save energy by automating your lighting with motion-sensing devices throughout your home.
·Inside and outside security and surveillance using small, unobtrusive cameras that can be viewed on any TV or computer in your home.
·A home LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wireless Area Network) for sharing files, printers and high-speed Internet access throughout your home.


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